In 2008-2009, statistics show that over 200,000 cats and dogs were euthanized (put to death because they had no one to care for them) across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  This is thought to be a low estimate, and a high percentage of these animals were highly adoptable.  This is an average number for most cities – we are not alone.  We need to change this.

We are musicians, dog lovers, runners, and dreamers.  Our goal is to lower those grim numbers; to raise money for rescue groups in the community who are making a real difference; to raise awareness for the plight of pitbulls; to educate the community on the facts of homeless dogs; to inspire others to help us make a difference.  In our rescue work thus far, we have met an incredible number of people who will give everything they have to rescue a code-red dog from a shelter, or donate to a veterinary emergency.  We have seen incredible acts of humanity while trying to catch a stray dog, or raise money for a rescue group.  We believe that there are tons of people out there who want to help but are unaware of the statistics, or aren’t sure where to begin.

In the Fall of 2011, we started a project intended to raise money for dogs of Pets Are For Life.  The event which was the catalyst for fundraising was the New York City Marathon, which took place in November, 2011.  We set a goal of $5,000 as a pipe dream, but were blown away by generosity of our friends.  We handed over a check for $10,000 in donations at the conclusion of the project.  This money is used for vetting, food, training, occasional boarding, cleaning supplies, and general care of rescue dogs.  Not one penny is displaced.
We will run 50 kilometers (31 miles) through the mountains of Durango, CO. for the rescue dogs of Operation Kindness.  This 501c3 is near and dear to my heart because my own running partner and best friend (Callie) was adopted from Operation Kindness. They have worked incredibly hard to create the “impossible”…a beautiful, pristine, no-kill shelter.  Last year alone they rescued, vetted, in some cases rehabilitated, and adopted out nearly 3,000 dogs and cats who would have otherwise been killed in the shelters.  They happily take in pitbulls, animals with issues, cats with feline AIDS.  They treat HW, mange, disabilities, etc with love and open arms.  They do all of this solely with the support of donations, and we want to help.
If you can’t adopt – foster.  If you can’t foster – sponsor.  If you can’t sponsor – volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer – donate.  If you can’t donate – educate, network, and crosspost. *EVERYONE* CAN DO SOMETHING, LARGE OR SMALL, TO HELP SAVE A LIFE.  Join us!!!

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