Posted by: runfordogs | May 22, 2012

It takes a village to make an impact


Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.’ – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama    

Honestly, I believe that most people aren’t aware of the dire state of things in the rescue world.  The numbers of animals euthanized per year is staggering, and most of those animals are sweet, wonderful, and highly adoptable.  These animals aren’t misfits; they aren’t killers; they aren’t untrainable.  If people knew what companion animals are facing, I firmly believe that they would step up in droves to stop this unacceptable situation.  I’m here to say publicly that things are truly “that bad”.  One example: last week alone, the Fort Worth, TX Animal Shelter took in 600 dogs and cats, a number they aren’t at all prepared to deal with.  The news is covering this situation with headlines such as:  Fort Worth Animal Shelter May Mass Euthanize  The Fort Worth Shelter is over-full, but they aren’t alone.  I’ve seen pleas from the Collin County Shelter, Dallas Animal Services, and the Bastrop, TX animal shelters also stating “overcrowding”.    

  I’m also here to say that everyone can make an impact, no matter how big or small.  Join in with simple gestures such as:

–Adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

–Foster a dog or cat for a few weeks (you may actually really like it!)

–DONATE to a cause that is trying to make a big impact, such as 

–volunteer once a week at an animal shelter

–Run a 50K to raise money for your favorite 501c3!

–Donate for a spay/neuter program

–Do not turn your back even if the truth of things makes you sad.  Do some research online and find out what really is happening.

Want to help but don’t know how?  Ask me.




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