Posted by: runfordogs | May 27, 2012


What an adventure the past week and a half has been!  Finally some time in the schedule opened up and the stress died down a bit, and almost immediately came along seven 12 day old puppies in serious need of a foster home.  Should I?  Could I?  Just then (no lie!), this popped up on my screen:  


I needed to help.  The litter of seven was split up 2/4/1 amongst three foster homes…bottle feeding ain’t for sissies!  I got two of these tiny (1.25 lbs) orphan pups, and my life hasn’t been the same since.  Sterilizing bottles and nipples, finding the right formula, sticking to a pretty serious feeding schedule, not sleeping, stimulating little bodies to eliminate, etc, etc, etc.  Would we do this right, or would these little puppies follow in the failed footsteps of the many infant wild bunnies and birds that I have attempted to bottle feed?


Here we are – we’ve made it to day 22!  We had one emergency vet visit caused by formula issues, but overall the pups have been healthy.  They have gained about 3 1/2 lbs and are eating like horses.  Their eyes and ears have opened up, and their teeth are coming in.  Their personalities are starting to bloom, and we can see what individuals we have here!  It has been a pleasure…truly, a life-changing opportunity.


If you can foster, please do try it.  These pups wouldn’t have made it without three willing fosters – they are too young to be immunized which means too young for a shuttler environment.  If you are thinking about getting a puppy, maybe one of these little girls will be perfect for you!  

More to come…




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