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Most recent Ultra conversation:
“I’m getting an I.D. Tag.”
“In case I pass out and fall off a mountain.”
“Oh, good idea!”

Three months to go!

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The dedication by the front door of Operation Kindness:


I’m continually running into folks who ask me questions about why I help in dog rescue.  Some know the reality of the situation, but most do not.  I try to keep everything I do very upbeat and positive, but the reality is neither of those things.  In general conversations with people I hint around about “shocking numbers” of highly adoptable pets being euthanized per year in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Some then ask me what those numbers are, and the reaction is (without fail) one of complete shock.  

I help in dog rescue because I feel I must do something to help turn things around.  It’s getting harder and harder to keep my mouth closed on the reality of what dogs face, but I know if I yell it too loudly from the mountaintop people will turn their backs rather than rallying behind to help.  People need to know, because none of the kind people I know would be ok with this reality:

In 2008-2009, the City of Dallas shelter alone (there are many shelters in the Dallas/FW area who could report such numbers) took in 33,617 dogs and cats and:
  • euthanized 26,542 dogs and cats (20,022 dogs and 6,520 cats)
  • adopted out 2,517 dogs and cats
  • redeemed back to owners 2,425 dogs and cats
  • rescue organizations saved 1,420 dogs and cats
Estimates are that 200,000 are euthanized each year across the Metroplex.
This is a modest estimate, I’m afraid.  
–Shelters euthanize puppies, kittens, pregnant moms, and tons of adults EVERY SINGLE DAY.
–Black dogs have a terrible time getting adopted compared to their colorful counterparts because they don’t photograph well or aren’t as “fancy” as colorful dogs.  This is called “Black dog syndrome” in the shelter, and the dogs are labelled BBDs or “Big Black Dogs”  
–Some dogs develop “shelter stress” and are given labels that don’t pertain outside of that terrible environment.  Still, no one even gives them a second look.
–Dogs are labelled by the shelter: “too old”, “too nervous”, “too aggressive”, “too shy” They may as well just be branded with a death sentence.  
–Some dogs are “owner surrender”, which means that their owners dumped them at the shelter because they are moving, having a baby, going through a life change, etc.  The owners are told that their dog will be immediately killed if the shelter is full, but they do it anyway.    
–Pit bulls are in huge danger just simply by being labelled “pit bull”…last year alone 72,800 pit bulls were euthanized in the city of Los Angeles.  
If you the math on the national numbers, you will see my distress.  A huge percentage of these animals are highly adoptable, wonderful, loving pets, but a full shelter is a full shelter… 
What now?  There are so many ways to help!  One of my favorite posters:
Almost every person fits into one of those options.  Can’t donate?  You can always join my Operation Kindness fundraising team!  You’ll get your own Crowdrise page, but can link it to the Pibble 50K project that I’m currently working on, and raise money amongst your own friends and colleagues:
Looking for ways to lend a hand?  I’m happy to help anyone get started…just ask! 
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It’s time for change!

It’s time for change!

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What an adventure the past week and a half has been!  Finally some time in the schedule opened up and the stress died down a bit, and almost immediately came along seven 12 day old puppies in serious need of a foster home.  Should I?  Could I?  Just then (no lie!), this popped up on my screen:  


I needed to help.  The litter of seven was split up 2/4/1 amongst three foster homes…bottle feeding ain’t for sissies!  I got two of these tiny (1.25 lbs) orphan pups, and my life hasn’t been the same since.  Sterilizing bottles and nipples, finding the right formula, sticking to a pretty serious feeding schedule, not sleeping, stimulating little bodies to eliminate, etc, etc, etc.  Would we do this right, or would these little puppies follow in the failed footsteps of the many infant wild bunnies and birds that I have attempted to bottle feed?


Here we are – we’ve made it to day 22!  We had one emergency vet visit caused by formula issues, but overall the pups have been healthy.  They have gained about 3 1/2 lbs and are eating like horses.  Their eyes and ears have opened up, and their teeth are coming in.  Their personalities are starting to bloom, and we can see what individuals we have here!  It has been a pleasure…truly, a life-changing opportunity.


If you can foster, please do try it.  These pups wouldn’t have made it without three willing fosters – they are too young to be immunized which means too young for a shuttler environment.  If you are thinking about getting a puppy, maybe one of these little girls will be perfect for you!  

More to come…



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It takes a village to make an impact


Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.’ – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama    

Honestly, I believe that most people aren’t aware of the dire state of things in the rescue world.  The numbers of animals euthanized per year is staggering, and most of those animals are sweet, wonderful, and highly adoptable.  These animals aren’t misfits; they aren’t killers; they aren’t untrainable.  If people knew what companion animals are facing, I firmly believe that they would step up in droves to stop this unacceptable situation.  I’m here to say publicly that things are truly “that bad”.  One example: last week alone, the Fort Worth, TX Animal Shelter took in 600 dogs and cats, a number they aren’t at all prepared to deal with.  The news is covering this situation with headlines such as:  Fort Worth Animal Shelter May Mass Euthanize  The Fort Worth Shelter is over-full, but they aren’t alone.  I’ve seen pleas from the Collin County Shelter, Dallas Animal Services, and the Bastrop, TX animal shelters also stating “overcrowding”.    

  I’m also here to say that everyone can make an impact, no matter how big or small.  Join in with simple gestures such as:

–Adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

–Foster a dog or cat for a few weeks (you may actually really like it!)

–DONATE to a cause that is trying to make a big impact, such as 

–volunteer once a week at an animal shelter

–Run a 50K to raise money for your favorite 501c3!

–Donate for a spay/neuter program

–Do not turn your back even if the truth of things makes you sad.  Do some research online and find out what really is happening.

Want to help but don’t know how?  Ask me.



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colorful pittie

colorful pittie

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Why Operation Kindness?


Ahhh…it’s been quite a day in the DFW rescue world.  The owner of a rescue near Fort Worth known as Four Paws and Hooves was taken into custody for possible child welfare and animal cruelty charges (  They have tagged and pulled tons of code red animals from local shelters, giving people hope that these dogs are finally going on to a brighter future.  A dog named “Blue” was pulled by this rescue last week.  Yes, this is the same “Blue” that is featured in a previous post.  Blue was potentially a bait dog – you remember the gnarled face, I’m sure…it’s impossible to forget.

In reality, these pulled dogs went to a small house where they lived in crates with their own waste and no food or water.  58 dogs were confiscated from this “rescue”, several of whom were euthanized because their conditions were so poor.  They were then taken to a small shelter which doesn’t have the means to care for such an onslaught of animals, and they are also a shelter who euthanizes pit bulls upon arrival.  Blue is a pit bull.

As I pieced this all together, I panicked.  Blue NEEDS to know love…he went from being a bait dog to being in a dark, scary shelter.  From there, he was taken to his “rescue”, which turned out to be a nightmare, and now he’s back in a non-pit bull-tolerant shelter.  He DESERVES to know love.  I started asking for help on finding out any information on him, and I alerted my amazing pit bull-loving trainer, Diane Line.  By 6:30pm we had arranged a trip to the shelter for tomorrow, and we had found out that he’s still alive – he was not one of the dogs who were euthanized.  Diane and Amanda, Running for Dog Rescue’s very own, will go to the shelter tomorrow morning, and I’m desperately hoping to get Blue free from his situation at Animal Control.  We hopefully will take him and show him what life is SUPPOSED to be like…finally.

Operation Kindness is the oldest no-kill shelter in North Texas.  They know their limitations, and they work at maximum rate within that capacity.  Their dogs are healthy or on their way to being so.  They are reputable, and the welfare of the dogs is #1 priority.  We want to support rescues who have this philosophy firmly in place, and we have definitely done so with the others for whom we have raised money.  I do believe that in the end all rescues started out fully intending to do well…no one intentionally becomes a hoarder who lives in squalor.  Operation Kindness has their act together, and we celebrate that with this project.

Donate or join our team!:



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Q and A on the Pibble 50K project


1.  Why help only PIT BULLS?

The short answer is that pit bulls are by far the most discriminated against dogs.  They are unjustly under fire, and we feel such a strong need to educate folks, fundraise, and support the general pit bull mission.  We raised money previously this year for two different rescue groups, and helped all of the dogs (although we stipulated that we want to help rescues who accepted pit bulls – not all do).  We each intimately know and love pit bulls.  We also know the stats (numbers euthanized yearly in DFW ALONE, and they’re not pretty.  It’s time for change, and we WILL make it…one step at a time.

2.  Why rescue?  Are things THAT bad?  

The numbers are staggering.  Here’s an example, taken from the Paws in the City website:

In 2008-2009, the City of Dallas shelter alone took in 33,617 dogs and cats and:

  • euthanized 26,542 dogs and cats (20,022 dogs and 6,520 cats)
  • adopted out 2,517 dogs and cats
  • redeemed back to owners 2,425 dogs and cats
  • rescue organizations saved 1,420 dogs and cats
Estimates are that 200,000 are euthanized each year across the Metroplex.  The numbers have only gone up since then…
When my first rescue dog died from cancer at age 12 in 2010, I honestly felt that I had a calling to help.  I’ve always loved dogs, but suddenly I felt like I needed to make a difference.  I saw a quote that sticks with me.  It goes something like this:
“I aways have said “Somebody should do something about that.” Then I realized I am somebody.”
We do the best we can with the resources that we have, but we all need to work together for REAL change!

3.  Why work with Crowdrise?

We are individuals.  We don’t have 501c3 status.  Crowdrise is simply the best fundraising vehicle available for individual folks wanting to make a difference, primarily because they are a 501c3 (Network for Good is the name).  The money that is donated through Crowdrise is mailed out monthly to the named beneficiary of the project.  So in our case, Operation Kindness will receive a months check in the amount raised per month from Network for Good.  The money never passes through our hands, and donors immediately receive tax receipts via email upon making a donation.  It’s also really fun to watch and work on the fundraiser through Crowdrise…I don’t know of another fundraising medium that is so interactive!

Why are you running a 50K as part of this project?

Our hearts and souls are into helping these rescue dogs.  We’re willing to run 31 miles and invest our own money to build into something greater!  

Any other questions?  Please ask!






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