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“Shy and Fearful”

I wish shelters wouldn’t label dogs as “shy and fearful.” If someone put me in a concrete kennel to await a very unfortunate fate, I don’t think I’d be up for making friends, either. When rescued, EVERY dog I’ve encountered that had that label has been warm, happy, and thankful to be out of there. Environmental factors change dogs!!  

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A 4 mile run with the Calligator and the Pibz!!

A 4 mile run with the Calligator and the Pibz!!

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A short trail run…

This morning I decided to go out to our normal training spot to try and map out a new route. As can be expected, I got lost…more than once….however!! I managed to figure out a decent 6 mile loop for next time. The more challenging aspect was a brand new mental hurdle of running the trail alone. Doing road runs alone is cake, and it’s actually solitary time I really enjoy. However, I’m not 100% comfortable on the trails yet, and I missed my team. I took a fall on my left knee, no breaks or fractures, but I hit a rock and it hurt!! All part of this learning experience. My footing IS getting better…I think :p Overall though, it was definitely a progressive run! Shaved off some time. Did we mention that we only have SEVEN HOURS?!? to run the 50K?? Oy. We’ll get there….

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A wonderful example of pibble love!! These dogs will do anything for their beloved humans….anything!!



Pit Bull rescues owner from train’s path – Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston.

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Be a Part of the Jesse Fan Club!

Want to really show your pibble love? Each $45 donation will get an awesome T-shirt with a professional photo of Jesse Pibble on the front!! 100% of funds to directly to the need of abused and neglected pups. Every donation will also immediately receive a tax receipt . Please help us save lives, and join the Jesse fan club!!


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A short history of my Pibble love


Have I always loved pit bulls?  Well, to be honest, I used to be afraid of them.  I was a person who was swayed by the media and all their bad pibble rap, and had no personal experience to give me any other insight.  Thankfully, my call to help in rescue actually “rescued” ME from my closed-minded views.

My first encounter with a pit bull was a code red dog at the Irving Animal Shelter named Batman.  This poor dog was dumped by his family at the shelter because they were moving.  Batman couldn’t understand how he ended up in this noisy place, and he was thoroughly confused.  He went almost immediately to code red status not only because he was owner surrender, but also because his confusion and depression was turning into shelter aggression.  Here’s where I came into the picture.  I saw Batman’s scared face on Irving’s shelter page, with pleas of “call now, CALL NOW if you can foster…his time is running out!  He’s growling at anyone who approaches, and he’s sitting in one place shaking, growling, and emotionally shutting down.  He is immediately code red and MUST be out by close of business TODAY.” The next update was “He is too unstable and is rescue only”  I had only fostered litters of puppies before, but things were about to change.  I have no explanation for why I felt the way I did, but I had to help Batman. 

Batman was brought to my house that night by one of my favorite rescue people in the world (to remain unnamed in case she wishes to not be revealed)  I was so nervous…what had I gotten myself into?  Someone was bringing a scared, unsettled, growling pit bull to my HOUSE.  Would I be bitten or maimed?  I had the guest room all ready – I was told he needed quiet time to settle from his shelter stress, and I was prepared to leave him totally alone if he needed it.  We went straight into the room when he arrived, where Batman looked at me a little cautiously.  Then he plopped into my lap and licked my face.  THIS was the vicious pit bull who almost lost his life to shelter stress?  His life was about to change forever, as was mine.

Batman was adopted out to an amazing couple just a week later, and he is loved and cherished beyond measure.  I’ve had two foster pit bulls since then, and I almost foster failed (as in ADOPTED and KEPT as my very own) with number 2, Leslie.  Leslie was a snuggler like you would never have believed. She would cuddle up as close as possible, and fall asleep in my arms.Image

Leslie already had a home awaiting her, and was only in my home to recover from an upper respiratory infection.  Otherwise, I guarantee that she would still be here with my pack!

My third and final pibble foster was Jesse.  He was pulled from the Irving Shelter in his final hour, and he went to a foster home who decided that he was too high energy for their lifestyle.  So, we took him in.  I was told he didn’t like women, and that’s why he was coming here – I needed to show him that women were ok.  My pit bull confidence was certainly higher than it had been, but a 55lb male pit bull who doesn’t like women?  Well, in walks Jesse and I fell in love.  A wrinkly forehead, beautiful red color, golden eyes…I couldn’t believe how handsome he was.  Jesse was also unneutered, had a hernia, had terrible (I mean TERRIBLE) manners, and wasn’t housebroken.  As a 3 year old dog!  Our work was cut out for us, but Jesse is now adopted…by me!  He is well-mannered, listens to commands, sits, shakes, and is a love bug.



What is my point?  Well, my point is that pit bulls are dogs.  Lovable, sensitive, sweet dogs.  They aren’t monsters, and they certainly aren’t killers.  Have there been incidents of pibbles being vicious?  Yes.  The percentage of bites that come from chihuahuas is much, much higher, though.  The world used to stereotype against german shepherds, dobermans, boxers, etc.  Now it’s the pit bull’s turn, and they are paying by the millions with their lives.  

You are certainly entitled to your own feelings about these dogs, but you should at least go explore the reality for yourself…you may be very surprised by what you find!





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This is Blue, a pittie just surrendered today at the Fort Worth shelter. Since his owner brought him in, and considering his health condition, the shelter won’t give him much time. After everything he’s been through, he’s still being the sweetest boy, and only wants a little love in return. If you can help us save him in any way (donation, foster(!!), transport, etc.) Please help! He desperately needs medical attention, and deserves a good life!! 

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Featured OK pittie!

Our featured operation Kindness Pittie of the month is Skeeter, a 5 month old female pit bull who was found on a country road along with her siblings.  She’s shy, but warms up quickly, given the chance.  You could go adopt her today, and raise her to be the best friend you ever had!

Pit bulls are wonderful dogs who are being dealt a poor hand by humans.  How do I know?  I have fostered several, and I am now the owner of my last foster (with whom I fell in love).  Have pit bulls really bitten people?  Well yes, but they have a lower aggression rating than chihuahuas, who have bitten more people by a huge margin.  Truth be known, pitties are great family dogs who tend to really adore children.  They were once known as “nanny dogs” because they watched protectively over the children of the family.  They are lovable, kind, trainable dogs.  They are sensitive to humans, and they will respond to how they are treated.

Adopt, love, and socialize this baby pit bull and you will likely raise the love of your life!

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The Journey


Hi and welcome to the Running for Dog Rescue Blog! We (Erin Hannigan and Amanda Talley) have set up this site to share our “tails” and adventures of training for a 50k trail run through the mountains and trails of Durango, Colorado in October. We hope through our passion for running, we’ll be able to help raise funds for a wonderful animal rescue organization, Operation Kindness. This no-kill animal shelter saves thousands of lives each year that would have otherwise been lost to euthanasia.


Rescue efforts in today’s world present quite a challenge. In order to save just one soul from death row, we need fosters, transporters, veterinarians, and not to mention financial support. When pulling a dog off of a kill list, there is usually little time to waste with such short (typically 24 hour) hold periods for an abandoned pup. Yes, that’s only 24 hours to live once surrendered. Operation Kindness steps in to help as many animals as possible, even with so little turn around time, and runs solely on donations. Our goal for this 50k journey is not only to raise funds to provide safety, shelter,food,vetting, and unconditional love, but to accomplish something challenging for these beings, especially for the ones who won’t live to see tomorrow.


On a lighter note, the training for this run has been pretty….comical. You see, we’re musicians…oboists, to be exact. With Erin’s principal oboe position of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and me (her student), we’re not exactly pro athletes here. However!! Running is something we’ve both learned a great deal from, and we can’t wait to cross the finish line of this 50k. We are so looking forward to sharing some really “special” moments of our training with you.


For example, this past weekend we met former President George W. Bush on a trail run! It played out like this: About 75% into that day’s run, after THREE rough falls combined, we jumped off the trail for a moment to let a group of six mountain bikers pass….one being George W., as Erin pointed out. Well, I thought she was hallucinating… happens sometimes, let’s be honest. But then at the trail head, there were FIVE secret service vehicles! Definitely not a hallucination. We waited around for a bit( as in Erin waited patiently and I was creepin’ on the secret service people for info), and sure enough, he showed up!

Another thing running sparsely marked trails has taught us is that we really have a great sense of direction. Not. We get lost, turned around, run in circles( in multiples), etc. We’ll hopefully have this worked out for the big run, but here’s our route from this past weekend’s run……

Yep. We got this.

Anyway, thanks again for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around for more fundraising news and running anecdotes!


Erin, Amanda, and Callie






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