Posted by: runfordogs | May 11, 2012

Why Operation Kindness?


Ahhh…it’s been quite a day in the DFW rescue world.  The owner of a rescue near Fort Worth known as Four Paws and Hooves was taken into custody for possible child welfare and animal cruelty charges (  They have tagged and pulled tons of code red animals from local shelters, giving people hope that these dogs are finally going on to a brighter future.  A dog named “Blue” was pulled by this rescue last week.  Yes, this is the same “Blue” that is featured in a previous post.  Blue was potentially a bait dog – you remember the gnarled face, I’m sure…it’s impossible to forget.

In reality, these pulled dogs went to a small house where they lived in crates with their own waste and no food or water.  58 dogs were confiscated from this “rescue”, several of whom were euthanized because their conditions were so poor.  They were then taken to a small shelter which doesn’t have the means to care for such an onslaught of animals, and they are also a shelter who euthanizes pit bulls upon arrival.  Blue is a pit bull.

As I pieced this all together, I panicked.  Blue NEEDS to know love…he went from being a bait dog to being in a dark, scary shelter.  From there, he was taken to his “rescue”, which turned out to be a nightmare, and now he’s back in a non-pit bull-tolerant shelter.  He DESERVES to know love.  I started asking for help on finding out any information on him, and I alerted my amazing pit bull-loving trainer, Diane Line.  By 6:30pm we had arranged a trip to the shelter for tomorrow, and we had found out that he’s still alive – he was not one of the dogs who were euthanized.  Diane and Amanda, Running for Dog Rescue’s very own, will go to the shelter tomorrow morning, and I’m desperately hoping to get Blue free from his situation at Animal Control.  We hopefully will take him and show him what life is SUPPOSED to be like…finally.

Operation Kindness is the oldest no-kill shelter in North Texas.  They know their limitations, and they work at maximum rate within that capacity.  Their dogs are healthy or on their way to being so.  They are reputable, and the welfare of the dogs is #1 priority.  We want to support rescues who have this philosophy firmly in place, and we have definitely done so with the others for whom we have raised money.  I do believe that in the end all rescues started out fully intending to do well…no one intentionally becomes a hoarder who lives in squalor.  Operation Kindness has their act together, and we celebrate that with this project.

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