Posted by: runfordogs | May 9, 2012

A short trail run…

This morning I decided to go out to our normal training spot to try and map out a new route. As can be expected, I got lost…more than once….however!! I managed to figure out a decent 6 mile loop for next time. The more challenging aspect was a brand new mental hurdle of running the trail alone. Doing road runs alone is cake, and it’s actually solitary time I really enjoy. However, I’m not 100% comfortable on the trails yet, and I missed my team. I took a fall on my left knee, no breaks or fractures, but I hit a rock and it hurt!! All part of this learning experience. My footing IS getting better…I think :p Overall though, it was definitely a progressive run! Shaved off some time. Did we mention that we only have SEVEN HOURS?!? to run the 50K?? Oy. We’ll get there….

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