Posted by: runfordogs | May 2, 2012

Featured OK pittie!

Our featured operation Kindness Pittie of the month is Skeeter, a 5 month old female pit bull who was found on a country road along with her siblings.  She’s shy, but warms up quickly, given the chance.  You could go adopt her today, and raise her to be the best friend you ever had!

Pit bulls are wonderful dogs who are being dealt a poor hand by humans.  How do I know?  I have fostered several, and I am now the owner of my last foster (with whom I fell in love).  Have pit bulls really bitten people?  Well yes, but they have a lower aggression rating than chihuahuas, who have bitten more people by a huge margin.  Truth be known, pitties are great family dogs who tend to really adore children.  They were once known as “nanny dogs” because they watched protectively over the children of the family.  They are lovable, kind, trainable dogs.  They are sensitive to humans, and they will respond to how they are treated.

Adopt, love, and socialize this baby pit bull and you will likely raise the love of your life!


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