Posted by: runfordogs | April 25, 2012

The Journey


Hi and welcome to the Running for Dog Rescue Blog! We (Erin Hannigan and Amanda Talley) have set up this site to share our “tails” and adventures of training for a 50k trail run through the mountains and trails of Durango, Colorado in October. We hope through our passion for running, we’ll be able to help raise funds for a wonderful animal rescue organization, Operation Kindness. This no-kill animal shelter saves thousands of lives each year that would have otherwise been lost to euthanasia.


Rescue efforts in today’s world present quite a challenge. In order to save just one soul from death row, we need fosters, transporters, veterinarians, and not to mention financial support. When pulling a dog off of a kill list, there is usually little time to waste with such short (typically 24 hour) hold periods for an abandoned pup. Yes, that’s only 24 hours to live once surrendered. Operation Kindness steps in to help as many animals as possible, even with so little turn around time, and runs solely on donations. Our goal for this 50k journey is not only to raise funds to provide safety, shelter,food,vetting, and unconditional love, but to accomplish something challenging for these beings, especially for the ones who won’t live to see tomorrow.


On a lighter note, the training for this run has been pretty….comical. You see, we’re musicians…oboists, to be exact. With Erin’s principal oboe position of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and me (her student), we’re not exactly pro athletes here. However!! Running is something we’ve both learned a great deal from, and we can’t wait to cross the finish line of this 50k. We are so looking forward to sharing some really “special” moments of our training with you.


For example, this past weekend we met former President George W. Bush on a trail run! It played out like this: About 75% into that day’s run, after THREE rough falls combined, we jumped off the trail for a moment to let a group of six mountain bikers pass….one being George W., as Erin pointed out. Well, I thought she was hallucinating… happens sometimes, let’s be honest. But then at the trail head, there were FIVE secret service vehicles! Definitely not a hallucination. We waited around for a bit( as in Erin waited patiently and I was creepin’ on the secret service people for info), and sure enough, he showed up!

Another thing running sparsely marked trails has taught us is that we really have a great sense of direction. Not. We get lost, turned around, run in circles( in multiples), etc. We’ll hopefully have this worked out for the big run, but here’s our route from this past weekend’s run……

Yep. We got this.

Anyway, thanks again for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around for more fundraising news and running anecdotes!


Erin, Amanda, and Callie








  1. Great first post!! I’ll be reading with interest. 🙂

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